Today Quiz Master 23rd Sep 2019

1. Tamil Nadu Chief Secretariat is situated at ?


2. Match the following and select the correct answer :

a)   Egg                   1)   Brown revolution

b)   Fertilizer          2)   Golden revolution

c)   Honey               3)   Silver revolution

d)   Leather             4)   Grey revolution

Codes :

a)   b)   c)   d)


3. In a reactor the moderator is


4. Match the following :

a)   Lemon              1)   Tartaric acid

b)   Apple                2)   Citric acid

c)   Grape               3)   Oxalic acid

d)   Tomato             4)   Malic acid

Codes :

a)   b)   c)     d)


5. Which plant is an excellent example for autonomic movement of variation ?