TNPSC Group 2 – Mains Exam Study Materials – Water Scarcity

TNPSC Group 2 – Mains Exam Study Materials – Water Scarcity

If there would be a Third world war, it will on sharing of water. Water Scarcity is lack of fresh water to meet the demand of the fast growing population. World Economic Forum in 2015 listed water problem as the largest global risk in terms of potential impact over the next decade. Water Scarcity is caused by irreversible depletion of ground water and negative impacts of the environment. One third of global population lives under severe water scarcity environment. Half of the world’s largest cities face severe water scarcity.

A mere 0.014% of all water on Earth is both fresh and easily accessible. Of the remaining 97% is saline and a little less than 3% is hardly accessible. Unequal distribution of fresh water on global scale and excessive use of water by fast growing industrial sector are certain problems that need everyone’s attention. Demand is expected to outstrip supply by 40% in 2030, if current trends continue.

The increasing world population and improving life-style, changing consumption patterns and expansion of irrigated areas of land are the main driving forces for rising demand of global water.

Lonely plant in the parched earth submerged in the ocean Some graphics in this image is provided by NASA and can be found at http:/; To create a file was the program used Photoshop CS5. The image created by 31.08.2013

‘Water stress’ is felt when water supplies drop below 1700 cubic meters / person. As water is a non-renewable natural resource, artificial ways are to be explored. The chief among them is to desalinate sea-water to make it potable. But the accompanying cost is Un-affordable by poor countries. Another important measure is that judicious use of water by mankind. The individuals cannot expect only governmental or global initiatives, it must be of self-discipline.

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