India’s first green hydrogen plant

  • India’s largest oil firm Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) will build the nation’s first ‘green hydrogen’ plant at its Mathura refinery, as it aims to prepare for a future catering to the growing demand for both oil and cleaner forms of energy. This will be in addition to expanding existing crude oil refining capacity by 25 million tonnes per annum and more biofuel production plants.
  • This will be the nation’s first green hydrogen unit. Previously, projects have been announced to produce ‘grey hydrogen’ using fossil fuels such as natural gas.
  • Hydrogen is the latest buzz for meeting the world’s energy needs. Hydrogen, in itself, is a clean fuel but manufacturing it is energy-intensive and has carbon byproducts.
  • Brown hydrogen is created through coal gasification while the process of producing grey hydrogen throws off carbon waste. Blue hydrogen uses carbon capture and storage for the greenhouse gases produced in the creation of grey hydrogen.
  • Green hydrogen production – the ultimate clean hydrogen resource – uses renewable energy to create hydrogen fuel.