Head of a terracotta woman figurine found in Agaram

  • The head of a terracotta woman figurine, with decorated hair like goddess Meenakshi and Vaishnavite minstrel Andal, was found during an archaeological excavation at Agaram in Sivaganga district.
  • “It is an interesting finding since we believe such hair decorations developed only in the later period. The head, with an ornate hair-bun, seems to disprove the assumption,” said Minister, Tamil Official Language, Tamil Culture and Archaeology.
  • The Minister said the head was found intact in quadrant at a depth of 60 cm at Agaram, where the Department of Archaeology launched the second season of excavation recently. “It had been hand- modelled out of terracotta measuring 2.9 X 4.7 X 2.6 cm,” he explained.
  • Besides the terracotta objects, the excavation has yielded microlith tools, blades and lunates found in association with fluted core manufactured at the site. “There are polished stone axes, black and red wares, red and brown wares, conch bangles and copper and iron objects,” the minister said.